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Required UC: 3 per episode

Kate Kane seeks justice for Gotham city as Batwoman.

Creaters: Caroline Dries

Actors: Ruby Rose, Meagan Tandy, Camrus Johnson

    Season 1:

  • S1, Ep13: Drink Me   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep12: Take Your Choice   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep11: An Un-Birthday Present   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep10: How Queer Everything Is Today!   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep09: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep08: A Mad Tea-Party   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep07: Tell Me the Truth   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep06: I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep05: Tell Me the Truth   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep04: Who Are You?   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep03: Dow Down Down   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep02:The Rabbit Hole free   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep01:Pilot free   EUR   NA
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