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Being Mary Jane


Required UC: 3 per episode

The story and life of a black woman, her work, her family as well as her popular talk show which she hosts.


Actors: Gabrielle Union, Lisa Vidal, Richard Brooks

    Season 3:

  • S3, Ep10: Somethings Are Black and White   EUR   NA
  • S3, Ep09: Purging and Cleansing   EUR   NA
  • S3, Ep08: Wake Up Call   EUR   NA
  • S3, Ep07: If the Shoe Fits...   EUR   NA
  • S3, Ep06: Don't Call It a Comeback   EUR   NA
  • S3, Ep05: Hot Seat   EUR   NA
  • S3, Ep04: Being Kara   EUR   NA
  • S3, Ep03: Sparrow   EUR   NA
  • S3, Ep02:Louie, Louie free   EUR   NA
  • S3, Ep01:Facing Fears free   EUR   NA
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