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Gold Rush: Alaska


Required UC: 3 per episode

A reality TV show that follows crews mining the gold placer deposits of the Yukon Territory.


Actors: Paul Christie, Todd Hoffman, Parker Schnabel

    Season 9:

  • S9, Ep17: Gold Gurus   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep16: Broken Bones   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep15: Wedding Bells & Emergency Operations   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep14: Old School Heroes   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep13: Episode #9.13   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep12: The Devil's Deadline   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep11: The Resurrection   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep10: Father's Day   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep09: Megamorphosis   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep08: Stormageddon   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep07: Hazard Pay   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep06: Hoffman's Ghosts   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep05: The Return of Freddy Dodge   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep04: Durt Reynolds   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep03: Gods and Monsters   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep02:Smoked Out free   EUR   NA
  • S9, Ep01:Declaration of Independence free   EUR   NA
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