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Penn & Teller: Fool Us


Required UC: 3 per episode

A one-hour competition series celebrating magic and featuring the legendary duo Penn & Teller. On each of the nine episodes, aspiring magicians are invited to perform their best trick to ...

Creaters: Peter Adam Golden, Andrew J. Golder, Penn Jillette

Actors: Penn Jillette, Teller, Alyson Hannigan

    Season 1:

  • S1, Ep14: Let's Hear it for the Kids   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep13: Never Trust a Magician   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep12: The Fool Us Zone   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep11: Penn & Teller Keep You in Suspense   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep10: Teller's Gambling Problem   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep09: Here Lie Penn & Teller   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep08: Imagine (Magic) Dragons   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep07: Penn & Teller Against the World   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep06: Psych!!   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep05: Here Comes the Magic   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep04: Solid Goldfish   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep03: Stab a Card, Any Card...   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep02:Teller Sucks... Helium free   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep01:Pilot: How to Saw a Woman in Half free   EUR   NA
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