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Required UC: 3 per episode

The supernatural drama centers around the Hastings family, owners of the only funeral home in the mysterious town of La Rochelle, Georgia. The family also acts as the keepers of the town's dark secrets and history.

Creaters: Mario Van Peebles, Joel Anderson Thompson

Actors: Brad James, David E. Collier, Jasmine Guy

    Season 1:

  • S1, Ep12: Resurrection   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep11: Back to One   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep10: Green-on-Blue   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep09: Uncle Bubba   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep08: You're Not My Momma   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep07: Echoes of My Mind   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep06: Dr. Dredge M.D.   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep05: Tangled Web   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep04: Through the Looking Glass   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep03: Half Truths & Half Breeds   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep02:The Dredge free   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep01:Pilot free   EUR   NA
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