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The Librarians


Required UC: 3 per episode

A group of librarians set off on adventures in an effort to save mysterious, ancient artifacts.


Actors: John Larroquette, Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane

    Season 4:

  • S4, Ep12: And the Echoes of Memory   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep11: And the Trial of the One   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep10: And the Dude Named Jeff   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep09: And a Town Called Feud   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep08: And the Hidden Sanctuary   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep07: And the Disenchanted Forest   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep06: And the Graves of Time   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep05: And the Bleeding Crown   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep04: And the Silver Screen   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep03: And the Christmas Thief   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep02:'And the Steal of Fortune free   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep01:And The Dark Secret free   EUR   NA
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