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Playing TV Shows
Q1: How can I find my favorite TV plays?
A: You can search by the first letter of the TV play. Click on , and then you can search by the first letter of the TV plays.

Or you can search by the full name of the TV play, supporting fuzzy search.

After inputting the name, click on

Q2: How to watch the TV plays?
A: First, you need to register as our member and log in, and then just click on the play button to play.

If you can’t play, please install a flash player. The official download link: http://get.adobe.com/en/flashplayer/.

Q3: If my equipment can’t install the flash player, what should I do?
A: You can click on TIPS on the play page.Then you can play it without the flash player.

Q4: Why does it always show "please login", I have already logged in.
A: Cookies must be enabled in your browser! The following steps are for opening the COOKIE setting of different browsers. Click the one for your browser.
Enabling cookies in Internet Explorer
Enabling cookies in Google Chorme
Enabling cookies in Mozilla/Firefox
Enabling cookies in Safari

Q5: I forget my password. What should i do?
A: Click here to request your password.

Q6: Why does it have no voice?
A: First, make sure the volume of your computer (or other devices) has been opened.
Then you should make sure the audio button in the lower right corner is on.

You will hear no sound if you see or , then you need to click this button.

Q6: How can I watch in full screen?
A: Click on or in the lower right corner to watch in full screen.

Q7: How can I watch in full screen?
A: First, you should make sure your network speed is fast enough. The network speed should be faster than 1mb/S to play TV plays.
If it still pauses continuously, we suggest you pause the video for 3 to 5 minutes.

Q8: What is UC?
A: UC is a kind of website points used to watch pay TV plays on tvonline.cc. The price is 3 UC per episodes at present. After you paid 3 UC to watch one episode, you can watch it 30 times for free within 20 days.
You can get UC by donating to tvonline.cc. The donation will be used to pay for the high costs of bandwidths and servers.
Your UC will be kept on your account forever until they are used up.

Q9: What does subscribe mean?
A: If you subscribe a show, that show will be in "my subscriptions" below "my tvonline". You can continue watching that show the next time you login from "my subscriptions". If you want to unsubscribe, you can visit http://tvonline.cc/sub.php.

If you have any other questions, please leave messages at Suggestion or send e-mail to [email protected] . We will reply to you and solve it within 24 hours.