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Chrisley Knows Best


Required UC: 3 per episode

A real-life family comedy which follows Atlanta-based self-made multimillionaire Todd Chrisley, his devoted wife Julie and their five children who live a seemingly picture-perfect Southern life with everything money can buy.


Actors: Lindsie Chrisley Campbell, Chase Chrisley, Julie Chrisley

    Season 6:

  • S6, Ep25: Cut Throat Chrisleys   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep24: Love Thy Neighbor   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep23: Playing Favorites   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep22: Eye on the Prize   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep21: Switchin It Up   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep20: No Basic B*tch   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep19: A Very Chrisley Fixmas   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep18: Catcher If You Can   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep17: Welcome to the Dog House   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep16: See Ya Later, Alligator   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep15: It's Your Lucky Faye   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep14: The Fast and the Spurious   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep13: Monkey Wrench   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep12: Best in Shoe   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep11: Age Against the Machine   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep10: A Brand New Todd   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep09: Egged On   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep08: Players and Party Planners   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep07: Blind-sighted   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep06: Madam Faye   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep05: Home Sweet Chrome   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep04: Quitters Never Win   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep03: The Young and the Restless   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep02:Snore Wars free   EUR   NA
  • S6, Ep01:The Botox Monster free   EUR   NA
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