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Lockwood & Co


Required UC: 3 per episode

A tiny startup, run by two teenage boys and a newly arrived, supremely psychically gifted girl, a renegade trio destined to unravel a mystery that will change the course of history.


Actors: Ruby Stokes | Cameron Chapman | Ali Hadji-Heshmati

    Season 1:

  • S1, Ep08: Not the Eternal   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep07: Mesmerised   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep06: You Never Asked   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep05: Death Is Coming   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep04: Sweet Dreams   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep03: Doubt Thou the Stars   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep02:Let Go of Me free   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep01:This Will Be Us free   EUR   NA
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