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Required UC: 3 per episode

Jo returns to earth after a disaster in space and discovers that there are missing pieces in her life, so she sets out to expose the truth about the hidden secrets of space travel and recover what she has lost.


Actors: Noomi Rapace | Jonathan Banks | James D'Arcy

    Season 1:

  • S1, Ep08: These Fragments I Have Shored Against   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep07: Through the Looking Glass   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep06: Paul Is Dead   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep05: Five Miles Out, the Sound Is Clearest   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep04: The Left Hand of God   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep03: Somewhere in Space Hangs My Heart   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep02:Live and Let Die free   EUR   NA
  • S1, Ep01:The Wounded Angel free   EUR   NA
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