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History's Greatest Mysteries


Required UC: 3 per episode

Investigating a range of mysteries surrounding the Titanic, D.B. Cooper, Roswell and John Wilkes Booth.


Actors: Laurence Fishburne, David Phyfer

    Season 4:

  • S4, Ep25: Gardner Museum Robbery   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep24: The Black Dahlia   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep23: The Lost Gold of WWII   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep22: The Hunt for Hitler   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep21: TWA Flight 800   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep20: The Hunt for Cleopatra's Missing Tomb   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep19: Unlocking the Secrets of the Nazca Lines   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep18: The Mysterious Havana Syndrome   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep17: The Search for El Dorado   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep16: Unlocking the Secrets of Stonehenge   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep15: The Legend of Bigfoot   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep14: Who is D.B. Cooper?   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep13: The Search for Noah's Ark   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep12: The Deadly Bermuda Triangle   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep11: The Hunt for Stolen Nazi Treasure   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep10: The Puzzling Pyramids of Egypt   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep09: Decoding the Mysterious Antikythera Mechanism   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep08: Blackbeard's Lost Treasure   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep07: The   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep06: The Ark of the Covenant   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep05: The Phoenix Lights Phenomenon   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep04: The Lost Colony of Roanoke   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep03: The Assassination of JFK   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep02:Who is the Zodiac Killer? free   EUR   NA
  • S4, Ep01:The Loch Ness Monster free   EUR   NA
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